Bespoke bolted storage tanks

Avasco Water Storage develops, produces and builds high-quality storage tanks for water or other liquids. The bolted system is a sure guarantee for a durable result and an affordable solution.

A project in mind? Challenge us!

Avasco Water Storage's services


Newly built

A bespoke bolted tank, meticulously manufactured at the Avasco production hall. Galvanised, from stainless steel or with our AVA-Thermopowder® powder coating.



Professional tank refurbishment for a maximum lifespan of your storage tank.



A thorough inspection of your bolted tank with a diving robot (ROV) and with expertise. Levels A, B and C inspection are our expertise.

Pioneer in bolted tanks

You're in good company

Avasco Water Storage built the first bolted tank in Belgium in the eighties. From import from the UK, the pioneer has evolved to in-house production, from engineering to assembly. Since 2000, Avasco has provided bespoke storage tank solutions and a fast service.