Thorough inspection of your bolted tank

To ensure reliable storage at all times, your bolted tank needs to be regularly checked for wear and tear or corrosion. That way, we know exactly when would be a good time to schedule a refurbishment and what needs doing. Of course, we will gladly refurbish your tank too.

Level B inspection

After five years, your bolted sprinkler water tank is subject to a level B inspection. An underwater robot examines, among other things, the internal condition of the wall and bolted joints.


Level C inspection

After 10 years, your sprinkler water tank is emptied for a thorough inspection. Any necessary repairs are scheduled and carried out in joint consultation.


We help you find solutions

Strong bespoke solutions

Because engineering, production and installation are carried out under our own management, Avasco Water Storage remains in control. An approach tailored to your challenges, wishes and needs is thus guaranteed from start to finish. This includes proactively putting our heads together based on our rich expertise in bolted tanks.