Thorough refurbishment of your existing bolted tank

After years of service, the inside of your bolted tank may need to be refurbished. Avasco Water Storage is happy to help. With optimal preparation, the necessary expertise and high-quality materials, we guarantee an efficient refurbishment of your tank. 

Tank refurbishment

Repair and recoating of storage tanks

Before we empty your tank, our underwater robot checks the inside. This tells us exactly what needs to be done and allows us to provide all the materials and preparation to get your storage tank in top condition again. This keeps the period you need to bridge with a temporary water supply, non-stop firemen or other facilities as short as possible. 


We help you find solutions

Strong bespoke solutions

Because engineering, production and installation are carried out under our own management, Avasco Water Storage remains in control. An approach tailored to your challenges, wishes and needs is thus guaranteed from start to finish. This includes proactively putting our heads together based on our rich expertise in bolted tanks.