Tanks for fire extinguishing water and sprinkler systems

Sprinkler systems in industrial buildings are indispensable for fire safety. In addition to the techniques inside, a reliable, instantly available water supply is equally crucial. A bolted Avasco Water Storage tank is the ideal solution.

Compatible with sprinklers

Safe storage of fire extinguishing water

Avasco Water Storage is a trusted supplier of companies that build sprinkler systems. And that's no coincidence. Avasco's bolted tanks are ideally suited for the safe and long-term storage of fire extinguishing water. The possibilities with powder-coated tanks also make it a durable choice with accessible pricing.


Advantages of our tanks


Strong price-quality ratio

Both the production process, logistics and assembly of a bolted tank contribute to the accessible budget compared to other construction methods.


Fast construction

The bolted tank is built on your site ring by ring. A typical tank, after meticulous production in our workshop, can be assembled in just one week.


Engineering and production

High and narrow or wide and low: bespoke solutions allow us to achieve the necessary capacity on the available space. According to your preferences.


All-in service

Avasco Water Storage does not stop at the production and construction of your storage tank. We can also help you with the inspection and refurbishment of tanks.

We help you find solutions

Strong bespoke solutions

Because engineering, production and installation are carried out under our own management, Avasco Water Storage remains in control. An approach tailored to your challenges, wishes and needs is thus guaranteed from start to finish. This includes proactively putting our heads together based on our rich expertise in bolted tanks.


According to the standards of your sector

Our certificates for water storage tanks

Sector-specific or insurance technical standards required? No problem. Avasco Water Storage holds a number of important certifications with listing, such as FM 4020. Your process water tank immediately complies with all the necessary standards as well.

  • NFPA22
  • CEA4001
  • EN12845
  • FM4020

Avasco Water Storage's services


Newly built

A bespoke bolted tank, meticulously manufactured at the Avasco production hall. Galvanised, from stainless steel or with our AVA-Thermopowder® powder coating.



Professional tank refurbishment for a maximum lifespan of your storage tank.



A thorough inspection of your bolted tank with a diving robot (ROV) and with expertise. Levels A, B and C inspection are our expertise.

Need a storage solution? Challenge us!

Safe and long-term storage of fire extinguishing water, waste water or process water? Challenge excepted! With and for you.